Chatter Shield

The Ultimate X Raiding Bot!

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Why choose Chatter Shield?

It’s fast, efficient, and  user-friendly, ensuring your tweet reaches the desired likes quickly. Join influencers, brands, and individuals who have experienced the power of Chatter Shield.


$SHIELD lets you take your community to the next level. Using the /shield command you can easily lock the telegram group and get the engagement you desire on your tweets, and then Chatter Shield will automatically unlock once the goal has been reached!


You can also use our bounties on tweets, using the /bounty command! Encouraging audience interaction and rewarding community participation. It can also supercharge other projects through continuous buy-back and burn mechanisms.

$SHIELD is revolutionizing social media engagement and token value management. Ready for the future of social media and crypto? Join us and $SHIELD Up!

How To Use $SHIELD

Why people should buy $SHIELD

Chatter Shield will become the standard for telegram groups, like Rose and Bobby. We are currently used in over 6700 projects and seen by close to 4 million people. We are consistently working on building new functionality and expanding the product.

What are the upcoming plans

Our next large update will be a rework of our bounty system, with the hopes that more projects are able to utilize it!

Some introduction about the team

The Dev/C-Founders are Caribou and Drewfus. Both have been in the space for some time, and have built a successful wallet tracking bot in the past called The Watcher. Their project manager Chinny is also very well known in the space and admin's many different projects and communities. They have a strong graphic designer and mod team backing them up and are poised for success.



Ready for the future of social media and crypto?

Join us. It's time to $SHIELD Up!